October 2011 The Jackson Creative Group is contracted by the Atlanta based commercial and residential rehabilitation company, Asset Safe Incorporated, to provide analysis of their online presence while designing a customized back office and data tracking system.
September 2011 Alpharetta businesses benefit from the creation of a local publication, Alpharetta Kids, designed by The Jackson Creative Group to raise awareness of children oriented businesses that provide valuable services to local parents.
August 2011 An Atlanta based law firm contracts The Jackson Creative Group to create a city wide promotional campaign encompassing radio, print, online, and digital billboards strategically placed throughout the city.
July 2011 The Jackson Creative Group assists local children's charities to raise over $500,000 for their organization through a series of radio and online marketing campaigns created to raise awareness while securing crucial funding.
June 2011 Providing outreach services to the needy of Atlanta, Yes-U-Can Inc, a non-profit organization based in Atlanta selects The Jackson Creative Group to provide their marketing materials and to design an effective regional promotional campaign.
May 2011 The Jackson Creative Group founds GeorgiasGotTalent.com, a local talent recruitment organization dedicated to providing high quality models, actors, and other talented individuals to our clients for use in their promotions.
April 2011 Partnering with a local efficiency consulting company, the Jackson Creative group expands their service offerings to provide logistic and efficiency services to our clients.
March 2011 The Jackson Creative Group LLC aquires two new websites focused on providing valuable customer enhancement services, and partners with FlyerGuys.net to provide competitive flyer distribution for our southeastern US partners.
Feb 2011 The Jackson Creative Group partners with several non-competing local Atlanta based businesses to create a Marketing Media Blitz, raising revenue and brand awareness for all the particpants while raising money for the local community.
Jan 2011 Continuing to build on a relationship philosphy of adding value to current and future clients, the Jackson Creative Group continued to expand it's business connections, adding valuable specialists to our growing list of industry experts.
Dec 2010 The Jackson Creative Group LLC was officially incorporates in Roswell GA, combining the resources and experiences of several businesses with the goal of providing a wide variety of business to business services that get results.  By providing an alternative perspective and outside the box mentality, The Jackson Creative Group strives to attain the highest standards of excellence.